What is the Heroes Self Defense Foundation?

The Heroes Self Defense Foundation is a Veteran run, Non-Profit organization, with missions of supporting civilian/military police, first responders and police canines. First, we sponsor local jiu jitsu Instructors in an effort to hold free survival tactics workshops for Civilian and Military Law Enforcement Officers to enhance their defensive tactics training and to give EMS Professionals an initial self defense curriculum. Second, we provide ballistic/stab proof vests to police canines in need. 

Why are canines not provided ballistic vests by their own agency?

Due to financial reasons or lack of support, approximately 90% of all K-9 units rely on donations to operate and/or supply K-9 teams (handler and canine) with ballistic/knife protection. Unfortunately, most canines will forgo protection until vests or funds can be donated to the unit. Astonishingly, most K-9 units are considered “non-essential”. Therefore, they generally do not receive funding for anything other than food and medical.  Some agencies that have received donated vests do not typically replace expired vests as they do for human officers. So canines will wear outdated and expired protection as well.   

Who teaches the self-defense training?

Local Law Enforcement Officers whom are certified jiu jitsu Instructors teach the training. The instructors’ expertise and police experiences make the training more realistic in order to address the specific needs of First Responders. The HSDF also works with other local jiu jitsu instructors whom have an interest in teaching helping Good Guys get Better.  The welcoming atmosphere is a result of their hard work, dedication and belief in the training. 

How much do the ballistic vests cost?

Each canine vest is custom built and form fitting to allow the canine to wear throughout their duty day. Because of these customizations, each vest costs approximately $1,800.  

How do the self-defense instructors receive payment for their services?

The instructors are volunteers and are not paid by the HSDF. The instructors believe in the training that much. 

Do dogs really need ballistic vests?

Would you want to wear a vest if you took the chance of being shot or stabbed when you went to work? Police canines are intelligent and highly trained animals. Their unwavering loyalty and dedication to protecting their handler, other First Responders, and the community without question is reason enough to provide these furry heroes protection. Police Canines killed in the line of duty by gunfire; 2016 (8), 2017 (7), 2018 (7)  We want to do the best we can to make sure this number does not keep climbing!

How can I request a vest for my unit/canine?

All requests for ballistic vests for canines can be sent to

The HSDF communicates with Delaware agencies to understand the need for protective vests and to provide as much support as possible. Priority will be given based on available funds and the current status of improperly protected canines. Please note that all requests are screened and verified. You must be part of a legally recognized law enforcement agency to be considered for a vest donation.

How much of my donation will actually go to Heroes Self Defense Foundation?

HSDF is fully staffed by volunteers, and by doing so we ensure 100% of your donation goes to our mission(s). Although, donations made by PayPal will incur PayPal's standard processing fees. If you wish to avoid these fees, we encourage you to donate via check or cash at our events, US Mail or you can contact us by email for more information We post photos of survival tactics events and when we provide lifesaving gear so you will see exactly where your donation is going. Certain gear that we purchase such as a ballistic vest or tourniquets for an entire agency have such as cost that we must wait until sufficient funds are available to make purchases. Rest assured 100% of funds goes to our mission of providing for First Responders and Police Canines which in the end, keeps the community safe. 

I can’t donate cash. Do you accept other forms of payment?

Yes! We accept the following;

Venmo: HSDF-1 (please leave a note with your contact information if you would like a tax deductible receipt)

Check: can be made out to Heroes Self Defense Foundation and mailed to 

P.O. Box 123 Clayton, DE 19938.

We are also always looking for businesses that would like to donate merchandise, gift cards, gift baskets, and gift certificates which will be used as raffle items at our self-defense workshops, community events or fundraiser events. 100% of proceeds goes directly to our mission.

Can I purchase a protective vest and donate it directly to you?

No. Due to the customization for each individual canine and different agency requirements, we ask that you please contact us directly if you are interested in donating towards or sponsoring a ballistic vest. 

I want to raise funds for your organization, how do I start? Fundraisers are great ways to show people who we are and what we do. 

Please contact us at

How can my business become a sponsor?

We are always looking for sponsors to help us in the following ways;

-Fundraiser Event Sponsorship

-Canine ballistic vest

-Survival Tactics Instructor certification

-General Support Sponsor

Please email us for more information at Info@HeroesSelfDefense.Org to find out about pricing. 

Sponsors will be recognized on our "Sponsor" section (with your approval) for continuous advertisement and recognition. Business logo placed on website with web link for viewers.

How else can I help?

Spread the word! The more people that know about Heroes Self Defense Foundation the more lifesaving gear and training we can provide to our local heroes. Our goal is to provide a safer community, not only for ourselves, but for generations to come. If you know someone or a business that might be interested in supporting by donation or sponsorship, please send them our way.

Can I volunteer?

Yes. Please visit our event page and email us for volunteer opportunities.