Furry Heroes

Ballistic/Knife resistant Vests


 Approximately 90% of K-9 units across the country rely on donations to purchase ballistic vests, toys and essential items for their furry Officers. Canines are called upon to engage the most violent criminals in society in some of the most dangerous situations, but are not afforded the same ballistic/stab protection as human officers. 

The HSDF understands this deficiency and provides ballistic vests to canines in need through donations and sponsorships. Canines have proven time and time again that they are extremely valuable not only to police agencies, but the community as well. 

Canine Care Packages


Just like humans, Canines like their play time. Come Friday, they just want to relax. Canines work hard all week ensuring the safety of their Handler and their community. 

The HSDF team recognizes this and would like to bring comfort to canines in need. We accept new personal care items, toys, beds and treats to make a care package for injured police canines. We also work with local pet stores to plan toy drive and care item events where donated items are provided to police canines throughout the state. 

Gift donations can be anonymous or we will place a name recognition tag on the donated gift for the receiving canine. 

We chose Kong toys because these toys seem to work best with the destructive chewing caused by anxiety and stress that most police dogs go through on a daily basis.  

If you are interested in helping out with any of the above or have items you wish to donate, please email us at info@HeroesSelfDefense.Org

Canine First Aid Training

K9 Cigo was shot and killed while attempting an apprehension of 2 gang member murder suspects.

In 2018, 28 Police Canines were killed by gunfire (10), asphyxiation, vehicular assault, drowning, heat exhaustion and stabbings. 

While laws are still being passed to allow EMTs to treat and transport police canines, we believe the handler can provide medical treatment at the scene and on the way to the emergency vet saving time and potentially their partner. 

By sponsoring law enforcement canine handlers to attend basic first aid and advanced trauma training, we can ensure our furry heroes have the best chance of survival for any injury they encounter.