Jiu Jitsu Based Defensive Tactics

Using Leverage and Timing against bigger/stronger/more athletic subjects

We sponsor jiu jitsu based survival tactics for Civilian/Military Police Officers and EMS Professionals. Jiu Jitsu was not founded by us but we believe in it so much that we are just sharing it to those who need it most! The benefit of our instructor cadre is that we bring our law enforcement experience, police instructor, and jiu jitsu knowledge to the table to provide realistic training. We truly understand what First Responders deal with and how to curtail training to student needs.  

Some training programs use brute strength and force to strike and control subjects. But what if the First Responder doesn't have that? What if those things just do not work? Jiu jitsu focuses on using leverage and timing while conserving energy, exhausting the opponent and achieving a position of advantage. The fear a First Responder can experience during a violent attack can cause them to panic and exhaust before the "bad guy". If that happens, hopefully the bad guy just "walks away" but as we see in the news and Police Officer assaults, that doesn't happen. 


These techniques can be successfully applied on persons larger/stronger, under the influence of alcohol/drugs or mental disorder, regardless of the Officer's age, gender, size, or athletic ability. The effectiveness and efficiency of these techniques have been time and gear tested by the Gracie family and law enforcement officers for over 20 years and hundreds of police agencies all over the world have adopted the program. 

Students learn escape strategies on the ground and handcuffing techniques from almost all positions. Students also learn standing defenses and take downs, choke defenses, knife defenses, standing and ground weapon retention, and vehicle extractions.

For EMS and Fire Professionals, overdosed and mentally altered patients have become routine calls and these subjects can sometimes have a strength much higher than their appearance. Not having an effective self-defense strategy only puts them in a position to become a victim. EMS Professionals learn ambush defense strategies and controlling the patient until police arrive on scene. 

Sponsoring Training

The HSDF sponsors free quarterly workshops throughout Delaware for certified Civilian and Military Police Professionals and EMS Professionals. Check out the Event page for more or email us at 

With available funds, the HSDF also sponsors police officers to attend the 5 day Gracie Survival Tactics Instructor Course.  

Defensive Tactics That Makes Sense

Amazing true testimonials from Police Defensive Tactics Instructors on the GST. "GST has been a game changer from a technique, officer safety and culture stand point"   "Don't let Officers be victims of old school methodolgy".